• Yes, Barack Obama does have a mandate.

    He was elected twice. He has leveled the playing field a little. He has brought out the fact that many bigots litter this nation and keep us from going forward. He is a decent guy with a nice family. He is a moral person who is fighting to keep the middle class from slipping to low class. He tried as hard as he could to make things easier for us in the middle class. But the vocal minority have risen their hate filled voice louder than his mandate.

  • Barack Obama Have a Mandate

    Barack Obama has a mandate to make vast changes in the government. After 8 years of George Bush, America wanted a change. Obama has tried to deliver on his campaign promises to make the country better. His pro-gay policies and his health care reform are the kind of bold changes this country needs.

  • Yes he does

    I would say that he does because he is the president after all and people voted him in office so he would take control of certain situations that they would like for him to get them out of by all means. He has an obligation to keep all Americans safe.

  • No Such Thing As A Presidential Mandate

    He's the head of one of three branches of government. No more, no less. As we have seen from the gridlock in congress and recent Supreme Court decisions, the other two branches are as relevant as the executive branch. This 'mandate' is nothing more than another buzzword used to put people to sleep and circumvent rational discussion and use of our established system of government to govern the nation.

  • None of you have any mandate whatsoever!!!!

    Obama has made all kinds of filthy policies like the Pro-Gay Policy, the word GOD not being allowed to be said in school even though under your stupid American Eagle it reads IN GOD WE TRUST. He clearly does not deserve to be leader. In fact, none of you do! I'm sick of you arrogant Americans still thinking that you own the world!!! Soon enough, the Flag of the Eternally Glorious Rising Sun shall fly over Washington D.C and our revenge will be complete, just you wait you American filth!!!

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