• OMG she definitely does!

    She has made many girls(boys) want to change how they look I know a girl who has literally made her self a Barbie doll! And it did a lot of negative things to her. She tried to make her self perfect and she didn't succeed. She looked exactly like a Barbie doll. FREACKY! And besides it gives people a thought that they are never going to be good enough which is true. Be happy with the way you look. God created you the way you look for a REASON.

  • Yes she does

    I think that when young girls look at Barbie they think that this is what they are supposed to look like when they grow up. It is nearly impossible to meet those standards. Barbie can give girls low self-esteem and she needs to be redesigned. She should look more like a normal adult.

  • Yes she does!

    Barbie is a ridiculously warped doll that makes little girls think that is the idea of a perfect woman. The way she is formed is impossible to obtain without plastic surgery, and then it would be so uncomfortable, cause back problems, and you would probably have to get rid of some internal organs to be that tiny.

  • Yes, Barbie has a negative influence on women.

    Barbie has a very negative influence on women because it portrays an unrealistic body image on young girls and young women. Women are constantly bombarded with body images that are not even achievable and are told their bodies need to be changed to look like something they are not. Barbie teaches that you must look a certain way to be accepted and popular when women should be taught self love and to love the body they have.

  • Yeah, she definitely does.

    Barbie is such a perfect woman, she gives women and young girls unrealistic expectations of what they should look like and be. She has a huge mansion and a perfect body and a nice car. She makes women and girls think they aren't good enough because they don't have the things she has.

  • I say no, but it depends.

    Barbie is a toy. That's the reason she was created. Little girls (and boys) like to think up a life for her and make her live it out. She wasn't made to lower a woman's self-esteem. Maybe that's what happens, but not in all cases. When I was a little girl, I played with Barbies and I never thought about how I wanted to look like her. The only thing I thought about was whether she should marry Dave or Ken ;-)

  • Barbie does not have a negative influence on women.

    I think this is absolutely ridiculous. Young girls do not look at Barbie and wish to look like them. Maybe with hair colour but not body. They know that they are dolls and that they are not real. They don't look real. If anything is the culprit, it would probably be cartoons and that, because they are more real. They move and talk and do things themselves. Not that I believe they should change at all. I used to play with Barbies and never even thought about me looking like her, and none of my friends did either. I think it's ridiculous that people want to sell real life dolls. Like, it's a doll, it's not supposed to look real. Who wants to play with a normal, boring thing? Kids want to play with things that are visually pleasing, that look cool, out of average, everyday life.

  • Guess the yes votes didn't have normal daughters

    My daughter had Barbies. She dressed them, undressed them, had tea parties with them (sometimes I was invited to tea with them) and never once mentioned to me or her mother that she wanted to look like Barbie. Its a doll for goodness sake. As an adult I see no evidence of damage to her. My wife had Barbies too and did all the same things including according to my wife popping her head off and putting it back on. My wife never wished to look like Barbie although she doesn't think it's fair that Catherine Zeta-Jones look like she does and my wife doesn't look the same. People who can't see a doll for what it is either has self esteem issues and should consider seeing a professional or are just plain looking to be offended.

  • No she does not:

    Barbie's proportions are not desirable:



    Barbie is completely freakish when sized to real life and no one would actually want to look anything like her. The arguments generally didn't revolve around anything other than pointless conjecture particularly that it effected the male perception of women ( ) with most of the "damage" being completed in girls, if any, before the age of 7.5. Basically if you're capable of reasoning you won't decide that looking freakishly ugly is the way to go.

    Consequently most things have their finalized effects on really young children.

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