• Yes, they do.

    The BBC is a joke, in my opinion. A lot of people in the west like to joke about American news outlets, but the BBC is just as bad if not worse. And the fact that they actually try to pay lip service to surrounding nations and nations around the world makes them look even more foolish.

  • Too much focus on America

    Listen for yourself. News, documentaries, features, analyses, culture, even voices show a preponderance of North American influence. As a result the rest of the world is neglected. Where's the European version of Boston Calling? What happened to News About Britain?
    The World Service provides an Anglo-American centred view of the world. I've been listening for over 40 years and this is definitely the case. British journalism likes America. Same language, broadly similar outlook, cultural affinities. But it's lazy and it's increasingly apparent. This is not a World Service. It is a North Atlantic service.

  • Not at all

    No, they get a good amount of all of the news that is going on in the world at the time. I think that right now England is just having a lot of major events that are going on, and that they are haveing to cover them all on the show.

  • They have the right focus

    BBC World News puts the right amount of focus on England because that is their primary audience. They have people all different nations that watch them but their largest audience comes from England. It is proper to focus most news stories and entertainment pieces on England while also talking about world topics.

  • No They Don't

    As an American I enjoy watching BBC World News because they often cover world stories that never get air time with American media. For this reason, I do not believe they focus too much on England rather than the world. If people think BBC focuses to much on their source country, they should watch American media where it's ten percent world news and ninety percent American news.

  • No, I don't believe BBC World News focuses too much on England

    The BBC is funded and paid for by the British people so I would expect that any coverage will always somehow be directly related to or involved England in some way, the majority of the BBC's viewers are based in England and most likely want to hear about news that involves England.

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