Does Beats by Dr. Dre make good products? (REVISED)

Asked by: Fartbubble
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  • Break Very Easily

    I own the "Mixrs" model and while they have amazing sound and are very light, they break down almost immediately. They broke a little about two months after i got them, then they broke past the point of even being able to use them just after a year of use. I'm not putting my faith in Beats anymore.

  • I'm an audiophile at heart

    Well I've never owned one my self so this opinion might be biased, but I have spent time with some beats. To me they sound like they how do you say this over does the bass and it just overpowers all the other sounds. Basically it makes the bass sound muddy. Also they break extremely easy, Half of my friends that have owned a pair report that they have broken within months of buying it. In conclusion I think that you can find way better headphones for the same price from brands that have been trusted by Audiophiles.

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