• Beauty is beautiful

    Beauty matters a lot in different parts of our lives like going for a interview the first impression would our dressing and'First impression is the best impression.'If we were against beauty there wouldn't be a shakespere there wouldn't be his beautiful works of all times if he wouldn't have admired the world if and the world wouldn't have admired him

  • Beauty does matter

    Although many people are "prettier" and look better than other people, beauty is all in the eye of the beholder. If I were to say that one painting is prettier than the other I would be neither wrong nor right! Beauty is an opinion and thought. Deep down everyone is truly beautiful, even if people say otherwise. As long as you believe so and never doubt yourself you are beautiful. Beauty can be your appearance, character, and things you create or do. Many people that are more "beautiful" in appearance do succeed more in life but tell me, although they may be "beautiful" outwards, how about inwards. With God and how they take on life. ( the quotation marks surround opinions. )

  • It does, but doesn't have to be physical.

    We are all attracted to things that we find beautiful. Beauty does matter, but the good news is that people can be beautiful in different ways. Some people might be conventionally physically beautiful, others might be beautiful to one person but not another and still other people might have a beautiful heart or personality.

  • Beauty does matter because it enhances our value of life

    Beauty can be superficial or internal. It is a quality in something that elicits an emotional (and often physical) reaction within someone that is positive. Although beauty can cause jealousy, it is based out of the desire to see beauty in one's own world. Beauty can be artificially created to enhance a product of a certain environment and many tools are used to create it and in the sense of commerce, it shows how much it matters on that level. When it comes to relationships and attraction, beauty matters in finding sexual partners, but lasting relationships are beautiful and matter even more. Any way you look at it, yes, beauty does matter.

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