• Beckham’s athleticism portrayed through one of the greatest catches of all-time

    Yes, Odell Beckham Jr's catch does deserve more attention because of the athleticism this kind of catch required. Being able to snatch such a pass-- reaching out of the air and catching the football with just his index, middle finger and right thumb in such a way is not something that is witnessed everyday. The pictures that captured this once in a lifetime kind of catch for a player is proof that this should be something to go down in the books and that deserves attention for such an athletic performance.

  • It was one catch

    I am a Giant's fan and enjoyed Beckham Jr.'s catch. I think he has a bright future in the league. However it was just one catch. If he puts together a thousand yard season, I will celebrate his achievement. One great catch in a losing effort does not merit all this attention.

  • Beckham's Crazy Catch

    Beckham made a prise-worthy catch last night, but his team lost. Since that catch, many people have taken the Internet by storm and prised him for that awe-inspiring catch. He should not have extra attention surrounding him because it is part of his job. Making plays, catching the ball, and running are what is expected of him, and none of that deserves attention. It's his job, but if he consistently makes plays like that- then it is news worthy.

  • No I think that there is already too much coverage of sports as it is.

    I do watch sports but don't follow them religiously. I also believe that there is always going to be someone new coming up the world of sports that is going to do something 'great' and 'new'. I don't believe that there needs to be a bunch of new coverage on it. The people that follow the sport will most likely see it when they are watching the game so the rest of us don't need to hear about it.

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