Does becoming attached to people lead to disappointment?

  • Yes without doubt and it's absolutely not worth it.

    I am a person who strongly against pain mental or physical and would crawl under a rock If I could to prevent it. Most would say it's cowardice but I say it's about being real. Pain regardless of physical or mental is meant to only serve as a warning of an existing problem that needs fixing. Now with physical ailments it's easy. A stitch here and there, a couple of days rest the pain is gone. For immediate relief narcotic and analgesics. For mental other than wiping out a memory there is no drug to keep you happy.

    Human interactions are created to fail. You can say, you need to compromise and lots of other psychological methods to make it work. However any solution that has to be that complex is not an efficient solution.

    Such as physical pain, you can say take deep breaths and eat tree roots while sitting under the moon to relieve it. Then you could just block the pain signals, that's what analgesics do. A very elegant solution.

    To face no disappointments. You have to be non subjective and emotionally detached. However human relationship is very much defined by those 2 things. Which is always structured for disappointment.

  • Yes but worth the risk

    Becoming attached to people does often bring about disappointment because you will often hold the person to very high standards but you can not control what they will do. When they let you down you are disappointed. With that said it is still worth the risk to put yourself out there.

  • Yes it does.

    It is sometimes okay to become attached to people. You should be attached to your children or spouse, to some extent. However, many times people get attached to people that do not feel the same way. This can often lead to disappointment, or worse. So it is best not to be attached to too many people.

  • Becoming attached to people can lead to disappointment.

    There is always the risk, in becoming attached to people, of disappointment. Humans are not infallible. They are flawed creatures who make mistakes. Those mistakes can sometimes lead to disappointment for those who have attached themselves and care a great deal about them. This is a natural part of life. Feeling some disappointment helps people better be able to appreciate and identify when they are feeling proud of the people around them.

  • Attachment is the quickest route to disappointment.

    Attachment of any form can indeed lead to disappointment. It's quite unfair, too, because no one should be expected to live up to the unreasonable expectations you've built up for them in your head. But it's human nature, I suppose, to think of happily forever after or not being able to live without someone, so disappointment continues to abound.

  • Becoming attached to people does not lead to disappointment.

    Becoming attached to people does not lead to disappointment. We all want the same things and we want to be able to share that with someone. Sometimes we choose the wrong people to settle down with and we do get disappointed when the person we are attached to chooses to go a different way.

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