• Not sure how

    When people claim to be born again they are usually changed in some way or another. They may act different towards others or around others or they may start believing in things or doing things they didn't do previously. Why they go through those changes, I will never understand, but most people I have met claiming to be born again have changed in some way.

  • It Should Change Them

    If a person claims to be born again, then the process should include changing. Being born again and actually follow the Christian faith takes a lot of perseverance and to follow it correctly takes a lot understanding. People who are truly born again should be compassionate towards all people. Many claim to be born again, when they truly are not.

  • Being born again changes a person.

    Being born again can strongly change a person. Having a religious experience can be a profoundly enlightening experience. People who become born again are different after having this kind of experience. The reason that the phenomenon is called being born again is because the person is practically a different individual after.

  • Yes it does.

    Being born again does change a person. There have been a ton of people who are going down a bad path, and have turned it all around by being born again. There may be a lot of skeptics out there, but if you look at the evidence you will see it does change people.

  • They're already "changed" if they believe in that nonsense.

    Ah yes, the magical witchcraft rituals of the evangelical Christian church, being reborn. I wouldn't say that being reborn changes a person, because by the time they buy into that nonsense, they're already pretty far gone mentally. The only kind of real change in this world comes from within yourself.

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