Does being forced to read books make reading less fun?

Asked by: pillows
  • I used to love reading

    I used to love reading. Mostly simple books because I was a little kid. I may have even enjoyed books that you're required to read in school. But once I got forced to read books, It became really boring. I had to remember a bunch of stuff, And decipher all the stuff just to get a good grade. Now I just don't like reading at all. I will read every once in a while but nothing that doesn't have pictures or is longer than 200 pages. What's the point of being forced to read in class anyways? If you know the answer comment it and tell me

  • You can discover something new.

    You can discover something new. Maybe you are a book-hater and you don't like to read. But once you are forced to read you might experience different things that you may even like. From my personal experience, I've been forced to read some amazing books that hooked me into it. It was a totally different genre than I usually read from, But it was really good. Well if you are being forced to read a book, Just check it out. You might actually like it!

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