Does being happy have anything to do with having money?

  • Yes it does, by a certain mean.

    Well, money can bring you happiness. Even if only temporary. But it does. Is happiness only a matter of money? No, of course. But you can not deny the fact that consumption makes you feel happy. It shows how materialistic our world is, but it is not a bad thing if you control it. So, to a certain extent, money brings happiness. But, I guess everyone knows that the heart of happiness is found in love, friendship and so on and so forth.

  • For most people it does

    There are people that can be perfectly happy living a life without a lot of money. They're not particularly common, most people need to be rolling in it to be truly content. Money can buy happiness no matter what the cliche says, it's the medium to get things that make most people happy.

  • Yes it does.

    Being happy has a lot to do with having money. In the world today to be happy and healthy you should at least have a home and a place to eat, if you do not have that it can be hard to be happy and remain that way for a long period of time.

  • Yes money and happiness are connected

    Money and happiness are very much connected. It is not because if you have more money you will automatically be happier but rather because those with money have a major stress taken away from their lives. There are so many people who struggle each day financially and this keeps them from ever being happy.

  • For some people money is everything

    Money is not the driving force for every person, but it drives enough people to do crazy things, that it definitely has something to do with happiness. In my experience though, it causes great unhappiness to those that try their whole lives to have all the toys and the toy box and fail.

  • Yes, it can

    I does because a lot of times you have less worries and you can concentrate on spending time with family or doing things that you have always wanted. You will be able to do these things and not have to worry about a budget or if you can afford it or not.

  • Money Does Buy Happiness

    I believe that money can buy happiness if used in the correct way. A person with little money may be generally happy, but if you hand them $1,000 they will be even happier. In general, if a complete stranger buys your lunch it will make your day brighter. So money does not equal happiness, but it can make you happier.

  • It certainly makes it easier!

    Money cannot buy true love or cure a fatal disease. It can however, give people a more luxurious lifestyle and the free time to search for happiness. Can a poverty-stricken homeless person truly be as happy as someone who gets to travel to Bermuda twice a year for a vacation? No, money cannot "buy" happiness, but how much joy would it bring to people who don't have it? It's not everything, but it has quite a lot to do with it.

  • No It Does Not

    People who support consumerism would love for you to think that money has everything to do with happiness, but that is not at all true. It is important to find ways to be happy, regardless of your financial situation. Poverty does not breed depression, nor does money breed happiness. It is important to realize that no matter how much money you have, it will not make you happy.

  • Happiness can be obtiained with or without money.

    Though it seems easier to find happiness when a person has money, it is possible to b happy without money. As a matter of fact, many people without money are happier than those with money. Making and having money means that the person is probably missing out on a lot of family moments and other meaningful life experiences that people whose goal is not on making money get to experience.

  • Happiness is not ruled by the evil dollar

    People who have traveled to third-world countries have found that some of the happiest people are those with the least. America has become so materialistic that the need to acquire and to obtain to fulfill happiness has increased to destructive proportion. In the poorest of countries, people have only each other, and the level of contentment is beyond that of any millionaire in the U.S.

  • No, for the most part, money and happiness are not mutually inclusive

    Happiness is dependent upon one's personal values. These may include money, but the average person on the street, when asked about things they value will name family, friends, relationships, etc. most likely. Children laugh 4 times as much per day as adults do, and most children have a rudimentary concept of money at best. The smiling beggar is a common prototypical example that shows that money is not always necessary for happiness. The depressed celebrity shows us the same.

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