• People will spout appearance nonsense

    People will spout appearance nonsense, and state that it's superficial and vain to judge by appearance. But obesity is not a choice. Unless one has an endocrine dysfunction, one's weight is totally up to choice. One may choose if one is of a healthy weight or not, and people who are obese without endocrine conditions are choosing to be obese. Like any other hygiene/appearance choice, the way one chooses may affect the way one is viewed in a relationship. Too much makeup, beard too thick, patchy tan. There are a lot of physical factors that people take into account. If you're choosing to not take care of your appearance, I may toss you aside as flippantly as you're tossing aside your health/hygiene practices.

  • Would you like to wake up next to a huge pile of sweating blubber every morning?

    It's the same old story: when you married the girl she might have been a stunning teen lovely, not exactly skinny but with a nice curvy figure complimented by a massive pair of breasts. However, after she gets her feet under the table, she gives up her diet and gym membership and generally let’s herself go; complacently thinking you married her for her personality.

    Within a few years, it looks like there's a pig in panties lying in your bed so you divorce her and run off with a younger, fitter girl. And then she calls you “shallow” and “sexist”. Ridiculous!

  • I'm not going to say "Not to offend, but..." No, if this offends you, deal with it.

    Obesity is an epidemic that kills 300,000 people in the US alone every year. I want someone I can grow old, BUT more importantly, I worry about the children.

    Overweight parents often spread Obesity to the child (while not always the case,) this is not okay... I want a partner who can be there for the kids, actively. No child should have to go to graduation, look up and realize her mother isn't there watching because of Diabetes, which will likely take her like as well.

    I'm not saying Obese parents are bad, I'm saying everyone with kids have a responsibility to make themselves better for the child. Being a Parent is about the children, and I have to think about them and choosing a partner.

    Besides, saying real men should only go for Overweight people is wrong. Real men should go for their preference, just like a woman can go for hers. While you won't get the perfect girl, you shouldn't be hated for trying.

    I want someone who can do hard working activities with me, be it house work, or hiking... Or going to Six Flags.

  • Looks, health and sexual performance are reduced.

    I will start by saying a feel no contempt for the obese. I have been obese for large portions of my life and I am right now overweight. But I think that personal characteristics such as looks, health, sexual performance, intelligence, humour, interests and knowledge are legitimate criteria for choosing a partner. Ascribed characteristics such as wealth and status are not.

    Obesity reduces attractiveness, health and sexual performance, which are three of the most important components of relationships. This can to a large extent be countered by working out, but obesity in itself is still a bad thing.

  • I Would Never Date A Fat Whale

    If a woman is extremely obese, she might as well be considered a whale. I'm worried if I date a massive woman that she would be mistaken for a whale and whalers would try to hunt her. Besides I don't want to be with a woman who does not take care of herself.

  • It depends on the context.

    Some people are disgusted with obesity, some people find it attractive, and some people are completely neutral to it. And there's nothing wrong with any three of these. We must all be honest about our selves, our attractions, and our limits. We're all different, after all. With that said though, I want to clarify that there is a difference between being overweight and obese and that being obese is unhealthy. Not just for the individual, but also for the professionals who'll need to lift the body if a time ever calls for it. So really, I'm saying yes. Depending solely on the partners tolerance for it.

  • Obesity says something about a person.

    Of course there's more to a relationship than appearances, but it certainly shows what kind of person they are. Unless they have some rare disease that causes them to be fat, it is their fault for making those decisions. I don't know anymore who wants to be obese, and the food is not forcing the person to eat last time I checked . If they have no concern over their health and the consequences that come from obesity, then that person is being selfish regarding their relationship. Then imagine hearing from the doctors of all the problems their choices have led them to. Then when he/she is lying in bed unable to move with multiple health problems and diabetes, yes it certainly does effect the relationship. If that person is willing to change their lifestyle to better the relationship, then congrats.

  • Its Not Looks, Its Health

    Looks are one thing; if we can't look past them that's our own failing. However, obesity is a serious health concern. It can be the result of poor lifestyle choices, in which case it is a symptom whose cause may have a bearing upon other aspects of the relationship.

    Having said that, obesity may also be genetic, or the result of a chronic health problem. In this case, it is still a concern for the other party in the relationship.

  • Appearance isn't all you have

    Appearance is just one characteristic that one has and should not cause bad relationship. We live in the society where we like skill better than appearance. Like someone has glasses and someone does not someone is thin and someone is just fat. If fat has to do with relationship I strongly think that ,that is one way of discrimination. We should be able to have the courage to take a step for a friend and there will be no problem with that

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