Does being smart lessen your chances of being popular?

  • Smart kids aren't popular in school

    In school, The popular kids are the ones with average intelligence, Great social skills, And good looks. Anyone with above average or less than average intelligence isn't popular. You have to fit in, Not stand out. You can't enjoy learning or school to much, Or you'll be considered a nerd even if you don't fit the definition. Popular kids don't care about the dictionary definition. If you do, You're probably not going to be popular.

  • In schools this is absolutely true

    Unfortunately in schools,being smart reduces your popularity in school. It's my own experience. All my classmates call me a nerd. A nerd is a person who is highly intelligent but lacks social skills. I am a nerd and no one likes to sit beside me because I am not talkative, despite the fact that I am smart. In schools a student will like to sit beside you if you talk with them,entertain them and make jokes. If you are humourous, and like to provide entertainment, then of course everybody will like to sit beside you. However intelligent people tend to lack social skills i.e. they are quiet and speak only when necessary. Most of the smart people tend to not know jokes and they do not how to entertain people. As most of the smart people are nerds, they tend to sit quietly and listen to the class instead of talking to the beside student. Naturally, no one will sit beside them.However this is exactly the opposite in the world(other than schools or colleges) as geniuses and intelligent people are highly respected . Example Garry Kasparov,Bill Gates,Stephen Hawking ,though they lack social skills are highly respected.

  • Yes this is true in school, but not in the real world.

    In school, the smart kids are shunted aside and teased. In real life, most of those kids are successful, and the a lot of the popular kids aren't. In all honesty, the "smart" popular kids are actually really nice, but aren't the majority of the popular group. There are some stupid nerds, but the mast majority are smart. So being logical, the majority of the smart people are not popular until they're in college, and it does hurt your popularity chances if you are smart.

  • Unfortunately this is true.

    I believe this is true, even though many smart people are popular. Most smart people are nerds, and that's actually good, because nerds will actually succeed in life. Smart people are usually outcasts during the first twelve years of school, but in college they are treated much better. Most popular kids live up to their stereotypes of being mean, cruel, and stupid, and don't like when they are bested, especially by the Lord of the Rings loving nerds.

  • No, as being smart does not necessarily means being a nerd or geek

    Firstly, the problem with people is that they associate being smart with being a nerd. However being a nerd is different from being smart. Definition of nerd from Oxford Dictionary: A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious. Smart: Having or showing a quick-witted intelligence. All these means that to be nerdy, which means being both smart and unpopular, you have to not only be smart, but also lack social skills. However, if you are smart but can communicate with people well, you are not nerdy, and thus it does not lessen your chances of being popular.

  • No, being smart does not lessen your chance at being popular.

    Being smart does not lessen your chance at being popular. The only thing that I know that decreases your chances of being popular, is being poor. People do not like to associate with poor people in the same way as they do with rich people. If you are poor and smart, you can at least contribute something to a rich person. If you are poor and stupid nobody will like you.

  • Smart is Popular

    Being smart used to be thought of as unpopular until Internet users needed help with their computers . Then all of a sudden being a nerd or a geek became very popular. Even the successful big box stores such as Best Buy employed smart workers which was popular and needed.

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