• I believe the question was "Does he have a shot"

    So yes, even if he has a 0.01% chance of winning the electoral college, he still has a "shot" at becoming the President. Personally, I think someone who is not a career politician would be fantastic for our country. Especially someone who is a medical genius. But anyone trustworthy and

  • Reconciliation for Baltimore from Washington

    After eight years under a black President, the USA has grown into the idea, and mainstream America sees a chance. Where a democratic president was needed to engage the African-Caribbean vote in 2008, the Republican party see the need to be seen as somehow relevant. Thus a high achiever such as Carson, with his right-wing values and sky high ambition, can cover all bases effectively while challenging the experience of Hillary Clinton.

  • Ben Carson has a chance to win the election

    I believe that there are enough people that favor and will favor Ben Carson that he has a shot at winning the election. He truly seems like a likable and respectable candidate, and has a lot going for him. I think if he continues to gain support like he has, he has a chance at winning.

  • Ben carson does not have a chance to win even a primary.

    Manny in the GOP see him has a manager long shot. He is thought to be overly conservative and out of touch. According to CNN his chances are around 2 percent right now. Fox news thinks he might stir the pot but will not come close to winning. McClatchy news wrote ,"for sixth place in that state with 6.9 percent, down from 13 percent", This was as of yesterday from numbers.

  • Ben Carson has no shot at winning

    Ben Carson is a compelling figure, and he might garner early support, but his lack of experience, in both political office and in the political arena, will surely be his downfall. He has a tendency to be quite controversial and to make inflammatory statements. This serves him well in his role as a political commentator, but will hurt him in the primaries, where broad appeal is needed.

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