Does Bernie Sanders actually have a chance at beating Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination?

  • Yes, Bernie Sanders Can Beat Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Presidential Nomination

    Yes, there is a big potential for Bernie Sanders to emerge as the choice for the Democratic Presidential nomination as opposed to Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders is known to speak the "language of lay people" while Hillary Clinton has been in the political eye for so many years and is seen to have lost touch with average working class people.

  • Sanders does stand a chance at receiving the Democratic nomination

    Bernie does stand a chance to win the Democratic party's nomination for President. He has done much better in recent polls than almost any pundit predicted a year ago. There is a lot of enthusiasm for Sanders especially among young progressives, and a lot of them are doing very enthusiastic volunteer work on the Sanders campaign. Clinton represents the old regime, and she could have another scandal before the primaries are over.

  • Sanders can beat Clinton

    Sanders is exactly what the public claims they want, a "man" of the people. Sanders relates to the average person better and does not have to go out of his way to relate to minority groups, especially since he has been fighting for minority rights his entire life. Additionally, I think people believe that Sanders has a better chance of beating Trump for President, and that may sway people when voting for the Democratic presidential nomination.

  • Bernie could do it

    Bernie Sanders does have a chance at beating Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. Sanders has some very strong views with plans to back them up. There are many people who agree with him and will follow him. At the same time, there are many people who do not want Clinton because she is a seasoned politician and/or because they do not trust her.

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