Does Bernie Sanders beleive that women fantasize about being raped?

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  • Bernie sander views men as wanting to rape and women as wanting to be raped.

    He's a quote from/about Bernie Sander:
    “A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy,” wrote Sanders. “A woman on her knees. A woman tied up. A woman abused.”
    Sanders didn’t specify as to how he had gained such a deep understanding of the male psyche.
    In terms of his understanding of female sexual fantasies, Sanders provided similar insight.
    “A woman enjoys intercourse with her man–as she fantasizes about being raped by 3 men simultaneously.”
    This is the man Socialists say represents them best?

  • The essay is just a commentary on harmful gender norms

    The essay is a commentary on harmful gender norms. It exaggerates sure but it makes a good point. Given the promotion of men as being dominant and women as being submissive many men at least at that time in history did think that women should do what ever they want even if they didn't literally want them tied up and abused. Many women thought that their role was to submit to the will of their husband.

    The essay challenges people to rethink gender norms by illustrating an exaggeration.

  • Read it again, as if you were analyzing the meaning behind a poem.

    The first paragraphs (the controversy) is saying that both men and women fantasize about empowered men and dependent women. It is taken to the extreme to make it's point.

    He goes on to say that too many women "were too deeply enmeshed with qualities of dependency, subservience, and masochism." by the gender roles assigned to them.

    The man in the story says 'You hated me for being a man' because the woman has been conditioned to hate men.

    The woman says 'you never wanted me as an empowered woman but only substantively to you'

    The gender roles are useless now, the essay tries to say, and those roles are only HURTING us now by building up a social condition against us.

    Is it the best written? No. Can you hate it? Sure. But it's a point that someone aught to be able to try and make.

  • It was a satire article

    The article in question was written more than 40 years ago for a satire magazine. It is a social commentary on the gender roles of the times. Sure, it's a bit extreme in some of the things it says, but that's how exaggeration works. You take what you know to be reality and extend it to illogical extremes.

    On the other hand, there ARE women who fantasize about being raped. They DO exist. Fantasizing about rape does not mean they want to BE raped. A fantasy is a way of safely exploring a scenario without needing to experience it in reality. There are many women who enjoy the idea of being completely dominated by someone (not necessarily a man) and being raped is being completely dominated. These same women enjoy roleplaying a rape situation with their significant other.

    Finally, assuming that the above is not true, assuming that Bernie Sanders DID think this way, and it WAS a direct attack on women, that was over 40 years ago. He was in his early 30's. He's had a whole other life time to reflect, research, and grow. Even assuming he DID think that way, back then, is it not possible that he's changed his mind, since then? His voting history would seem to suggest so, as he has always voted in favor of female rights and equality.

    I see no reason for this article to be this prominent in our news media. It's simply distracting people from the real issues of the day. We need to let this article fade back into the annuls of time and concentrate of real political issues.

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Should someone ask the man, to his face?
Because obviously, only he would know.