• Bernie Sanders deserves more endorsements than Hilary Clinton

    Bernie Sanders is a little bit of a renegade, someone who continually challenges the status quo- something Hilary Clinton does not and never will. Sanders' election would bring genuine change to the political landscape of the United States, and, as the other candidates provide no real opportunity for a different perspective, he deserves more endorsement than Hilary Clinton.

  • Bernie Sanders is an authentic politician who can bring about compromise

    Bernie Sanders has a record of working hard for the American middle class. During his time in the Senate and the House of Representatives, Bernie served as an Independent and had to work with both parties to pass legislation. Bernie opposed the war in Iraq and has supported gay marriage since the 1960's, whereas Clinton voted in favor of the Iraq war and has only openly supported gay marriage since 2013.

  • I respect Bernie, but Hillary is a more formidable candidate.

    Bernie Sanders is raising a lot of important issues about income inequality and money in politics. Personally, I agree with Bernie more on these issues than I do with Hillary. The reason why Hillary is a better candidate is because of her depth and her range. She is someone, perhaps the only one of the candidates in either party right now who has the knowledge, experience and depth of character to be President of the United States. Yes, she has made mistakes. Yes, she has taken positions that I do not agree with. However, I respect that Hillary shows a competency on a wide range of issues from women's rights issues to persons with disabilities. She is making alzheimer's an issue. She is making bullying an issue. Bernie Sanders keeps on pounding his core issues over and over again, and intentionally or not causes divisiveness with his rhetoric. The challenge with Bernie is that he at times shows a tremendous amount of disrespect to those who try to steer the conversation away from the issues he wants to talk about. Good leaders have to listen, negotiate, and compromise. Hillary is up to the task. Bernie, while more practical than many give him credit for, would still struggle. Bernie would continue to have my support in the Senate because he raises volume to many important issues and I hope he can translate his movement into something more effective that will get more people elected the way Howard Dean did after his unsuccessful bid in 2004. Social movements do not start at the top, they start at the bottom. That is why Hillary would make a better president but Bernie needs to continue to be active and carry his message forward.

  • Clinton is something new, while Sanders is the same old thing

    Hilary Clinton has new ideas and a broader appeal that could unite the country in a way that hasn't been done in years. Bernie Sanders is a prickly old guy whose ideas are too far too the left for many Americans to swallow. Clinton has the ability to be a stronger candidate in the general election, and for this reason, I think she should be endorsed over Bernie.

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