• Bernie Sanders deserved the nomination

    Bernie Sanders is doing something that no other politician in America is doing right now. He is tackling the real issues and corruption in the political system. He will be elected because the United States people will not stand for oligarchy by any stretch of the imagination. He is the only man in America who gives a darn about the common man.

  • He meets all of the qualifications.

    All of the Democratic candidates technically deserve the nomination. They meet the age and citizenship requirements, and they are all certainly qualified for the job. I think that whichever one wins the popular vote in the primary deserves the nomination. If Bernie Sanders wins the primary, then he deserves the nomination.

  • Yes, Bernie Sanders does deserve the Democratic presidential nominee.

    Bernie Sanders definitely deserves the Democratic presidential nominee. For the Democrats, it's basically between Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton. Though Hilary Clinton has some strong advantages, Bernie Sanders stands for more of what Democrats believe in. For example, Bernie Sanders is more of your every day guy than Hilary Clinton is. She benefits from a very wealthy background and has a more substantial background in politics, but Bernie Sanders thinks politics should be for the people. Bernie Sanders is more down to Earth than Hilary is. He connects better with the common people than Hilary Clinton does.

  • Bernie Sanders is proving to be a formidable opponent

    Bernie Sanders has touched on a nerve that has rallied a segment of the population. People are listening and gravitating towards his message. Many have lost their jobs and homes during the recession and think the big banks and wealthy were the only ones who benefited once there was a turnaround. They want a champion they can trust to be their voice.

  • Bernie Sanders is Dangerous

    Bernie Sanders time and time again has proved that his understanding of complex economic issues has been extremely 2-Dimensional. He attempts to juxtapose conditions that we have today with the conditions of previous years (such as in the 20s, 50s, 60s, and 80s). The problem with this is that not all things are equal in this representation. Things are wildly different today when compared to what was happening back then. Mainly these differences are realized as globalization, increased government regulation as well as the massive impact innovation has made, especially in the fields of computers and automation. That being said, the man attempts to bring us back to these "golden ages", and says he will do so by crushing the rich... Something that will have extremely detrimental effects to the economy.

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