• The Bernie Bias

    Bernie Sander's makes the false over generalization that all poor people are actively being oppressed by the more well-off citizens. The truth is that, not all, but some poor Americans are in that position because of the mistakes that they made. Also, not all wealthy Americans are trying to keep the impoverished Americans down.

  • I do not believe Bernie Sanders has a "bias toward the poor".

    While Bernie Sanders has strong beliefs that we should help those in need, I do not believe he has a "bias toward the poor". In my opinion, Bernie Sanders is fighting to represent the "people" because he feels that earning their vote would give me a large advantage over Hillary Clinton in the primary election for the democratic nomination.

  • Bernie Sanders believes in creating an opportunity for all

    Bernie Sanders has falsely been accused of having a bias towards the poor. He believes in creating the same opportunity for all, regardless of income. The wealthy already have an advantage. His proposals, such as offering governmental assistance for education and producing regulation on financial firms merely level the playing field.

  • What is a bias toward the poor?

    I do not think Bernie Sanders has a bias toward the poor. I think he has a sensible attitude toward caring for our less fortunate citizens who are badly in need of our help and assistance. It is not fair that the wealthy in this country are so unwilling to aid those who need their help.

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