Does Bernie Sanders have a chance at winning the Democratic presidential nomination?

  • Bernie's main problem right now is awareness

    There are a few things working in Bernie's favor:

    1. Electability- Bernie polls higher versus Trump than Hillary polls against Trump. And Rubio and Cruz are projected to beat Hillary!

    Many people wrongly assume that because Bernie is left of Hillary therefore Hillary will do better in the general election, but this is not the case. Bernie brings enthusiasm, honesty, and integrity which gives him a greater lead.

    2. More people are educated about the true nature of Hillary Clinton. She changes her opinions and her votes based on polling numbers and campaign contributions all the time. She supported disastrous trade deals and supported mass incarceration. And remember in the 2008 election when she kept stressing that she would do better getting "the white vote" than Obama?

    Bernie's main problem right now is awareness. The more aware people are the more they support Bernie over Hillary. Awareness grows in time. Whether Bernie wins the nomination will depend on the awareness growing fast enough. Bernie supporters must spread the word and get out the vote for Bernie to win the nomination!

  • Bernie Sanders has a chance at winning the Democratic presidential nomination

    Bernie Sanders has a chance at winning the Democratic presidential nomination because he appeals to a generation and class of people who want the government to provide for their every need. That is extremely appealing. But, it is a proven failed policy. The scary part is how much support Sanders actually has.

  • Yes, Bernie Sanders has a chance at winning the Democratic nomination.

    While I am not saying I believe Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic presidential nomination, he absolutely has a chance. I feel a lot of voters are impressed with his consistency and refusal to waver back and forth simply to gain popularity. Mr. Sanders his had the same views for years.

  • The DNC will never allow Bernie to win

    Since the very beginning of this primary, it's been extremely obvious that the DNC has already chosen their nominee. Now after Super Tuesday there's simply no way for Bernie to make up the delegate deficit with the remaining states. Now that Clinton has a healthy lead, bandwagon voters will start to drift into her camp and Bernie's enthusiastic support will peter out as his followers realize they have no chance.

  • At this point, not really

    Hillary won some of her states very decisively, some by well over a 30% margin. And she has the total overall lead in number of states. She also has the delegates, like it or not, who support her. Bernie can still run a formidable campaign and he has been competitive. But his best efforts likely won't be enough.

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