• Yes, Bernie Sanders can beat Hillary Clinton

    I think Bernie Sanders has what it takes to beat Hillary Clinton. He is becoming ever more popular as the election coverage goes on. He has a lot of appeal with millennial voters who are sick of the current political system. Like in 2008 with Obama, people still want change. Obama made some change, but it wasn't the radical change a lot of people had hoped for. The people that hoped for change do not believe Hillary can make that change, as she is part of the current system.

  • Yes, Bernie has what it takes to beat Hillary but he needs to convince the rest of America.

    Yes, Bernie has what it takes to beat Hillary but he needs to work on gaining more support from Americans. Lots of Americans believe in him and think that he can be the next president, but some of his rhetoric can be alienating and divisive. He needs to find a way to incorporate more voices into his campainging and appeal to a wider range of voters, including Republicans.

  • I'm starting to think he does

    If I had been asked this question even just a week ago, I would have said no. I wouldn't have believed that Sanders would have what it takes to beat Clinton. However, after seeing the polls this morning, I see that he is leading Clinton in Iowa now. As more people learn about him, and find out more and more about Clinton, I see the trend shifting Sanders' way. I wouldn't be surprised if he completely blew Clinton off the map!

  • Yes, but he has to play his cards right.

    Bernie is a strong contender against Hillary, as evidenced by the most recent polls. If Bernie is able to capitalize on Hillary's emails and the recent GOP push against Bill, then he may be able to pick up enough voters to edge her out. Either way, I think it will be close.

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