• Yes, if it were solely up to the voters, he would have a very good chance of winning.

    Bernie Sanders has a huge following, especially among the younger generation. He has done quite well against Clinton so far. He's lost most states, but those have mostly been conservative-leaning states. Based on popular vote, it has been pretty close between the two. However, with superdelegates, it will be difficult for Sanders.

  • Ignore the media and look at his actual delegate count.

    Look at his actual delegate count and don't include superdelegates. (Look up what a superdelegate is and why it doesn't mean much if this is confusing to you).
    The mainstream media has consistently had Bernie on a blackout from the beginning and doesn't even report his victories as such.
    The different in delegates at this point between Sanders and Clinton then Cruz and Trump is roughly the same, yet look at the headlines in all major publications after Super Saturday. You'll find things like this:
    "Cruz narrows in on Trump while Clinton maintains lead"
    "GOP race gets interesting while Democratic race is still inevitable"
    The mainstream media is owned by a very small group of people. This includes FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc. They do not want Trump or Sanders to win (they don't like Cruz either, but they'll take him over Trump).
    You have to ignore the media and look at the facts.

  • Bernie Sanders stands a chance against Hillary Clinton

    Based on the latest caucus voting in the last weekend on Saturday, Sanders has become as a strong contestant against Hillary. The policies outlined by Sanders have been helping him to regain the lost vote from the Super Tuesday voting. His promise on affordable college education will help him win against Hillary.

  • Unfortunately I don't think there's any chance for him

    Bernie Sanders has run a very good campaign but Hillary Clinton is a formidable opponent. She has been in our lives politically for thirty plus years. She is familiar to the American public, and even though she is perceived as having trust issues most would agree that she knows what she's doing. She can jump in and be ready day one. The country deserves a strong, cerebral leader.

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