Does Bernie Sanders stand a chance of winning the Democratic nomination despite his Super Tuesday loss?

  • Feel the Bern

    With all of the hype surrounding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, in quietly comes Bernie Sanders quickly collecting votes from the many who supported him and also those frustrated with Hillary and Donald. His appeal to Socialism and the need for free education is attracting the college students, and his thoughts on policies are gaining the attention of voters.

  • Bernie Sanders not likely to garner the Democratic nomination

    Senator Bernie Sanders is not likely to win the Democratic nomination. He was trounced on Super Tuesday, and Hillary Clinton has a commanding lead in delegates. Moreover, she has a large advantage in money, party backing, and organization. Many also feel she has broader appeal in the general election, giving her the better Democrat to get elected president.

  • At This Point I Don't Know

    Saunders is a good candidate but I think that at this point odds are he won't win the nomination. The things is Bernie Saunders has some great ideas. There is just one thing that might be against him that is his age. If he did manage to get the nomination and even the Presidency he would be the oldest President to ever be sworn into office.

  • Bernie Sanders has no chance of winning

    Bernie Sanders has woken up the consciousness of America. College kids and activists have rallied around him. It still won't be enough to win him the nomination though. For one, Some of his proposals like free education is too expensive for it to be feasible. It also creates a feeling of entitlement for those who want to take advantage of it. For those of us watching and doing the math we can't get behind such a plan. It would bankrupt the country.

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