Does Bernie Sanders stand the best chance against Trump

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Sanders stands the best chance of beating Trump and the other Republican candidates

    According to a recent poll Bernie would get 55% and Trump would get only 43%. Hillary would get 52% with Trump getting 44%.

    For the other Republicans, Hillary LOSES to Rubio at 47% to Rubio's 50% and LOSES to Cruz at 48% to his 49%.


    The greater lead Bernie has over Trump as compared to Hillary's lead over Trump has been consistent.


    This article from January has Bernie beating Trump at 54% to 39% and Hillary beating him at 51% to 41%.

    I was already going to vote for Bernie, but after reading about this I am even more sold. Donald Trump would be a nightmare for America, which makes Bernie's greater lead over him a huge plus. The other fact, that there are two Republican candidates who Hillary is predicted to LOSE against is also an important consideration. Even if they are not as bad as Trump they would still make terrible presidents.

    I'm voting Bernie so we can have the best chance of avoiding a Republican White House.

  • Polling way too far out to be accurate.

    Sadly, Clinton is more 'electable' than Sanders. I wish this weren't true, but it is. Clinton has faced constant criticism from Republicans, Bernie not so much. In the same way that Hilary is welcoming Donald Trump's rise*, the Republicans are welcoming Bernie.

    America may be ready to elect a women, but not a socialist.

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