• God did it all

    Yes, the bible supports the idea that god made everything and everyone on earth. This is simply faith from people, and the belief of a higher power though, because science has shown that the world as it is was formed through events and the living formed through evolution and natural selection.

  • For Some It Does

    I believe Biblical literalism can support the idea of creationism, but not everyone is on the same page. Some people prefer to believe that the events in the Bible actually happened, but possibly they were dumbed down or written in a way that people of the time could understand it and not necessarily in a scientific, fact for fact, way. So, Biblical literalism can have a range of thoughts and beliefs, ranging from: "this is exactly how it happened" to "it happened but this is how you would have been explained to a five year old."

  • Yes it is the best support

    The best support of creationism would be to take the bible literally. If you read early in the bible it specifically says on the first day god created. and on the second day god created. If you take the bible as literal word then you can not get any more evidence of creationism.

  • It is the source

    Biblical literalism is almost, by definition, the source of creationism, so of course it makes sense that one leads to the other. Biblical literalism, despite making absolutely no sense what so ever, still definitely supports creationism, since th bible states that a divine higher being create the earth in its present form.

  • That's what it says.

    Yes, Biblical literalism supports the idea of creationism, because the Bible says that the earth was created in 6 days, with one rest day. The Bible says that God said, "Let there be light," and it was so. God did the same thing when he was creating each of the animals. There is no reason not to believe that God was talking about a day when He was talking about the days in which He made the earth.

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