Does Biden Rob from the rich and give to the poor?

  • Oh yes he does

    You saw his campaign Trump is lying again, Joe Biden won't raise your taxes. But then at the end they say and he will make the rich pay their fair share. So yeah, It is likely he'll make rich people pay more taxes than the poor people. Plus if he's going to give cheaper healthcare to people, He isn't going to make health costs cheaper, He can just tax the rich people more so the poor people can pay their doctor bills.

  • Tax the rich.

    Taxing the rich more will benefit society more than it costs. Think about all the damage done by potholes that could be prevented with better roads, Or renewable energy sources to combat climate change.

    The above does far more for society than a rich person getting a tax break so they can buy a sixth house or own twenty luxury car simultaneously. Let alone Wall Street CEOs who have multiple private jets, Buying yet another.

  • Soooo @BlaqDaqSmaq, What if I'm black, But I'm also rich?

    People who work hard, Pay their bills, Get off their butts and work should NOT be punished for working hard. The stereotypical little rich girl you see in kids shows IS a spoiled little brat, But I know some well-off people who are the most down to earth, Kindest, Most loving people I've ever met. Lesson learned? Don't stereotype people because they make a decent living.

    Also, I'm not sure if you've noticed, But this is what's called SOCIALISM, Kids. And if we used it we'd end up like the USSR. . .

  • Rich people must be exterminated.

    They are the face of our evil, They are white, Straight, Male. They let their slaves on the streets while they are buying another masion. They manipulate public preception to fit their narrative. They are guilty of more crimes than anyone, ANYONE in the world.

    So take away their money, ALL OF THEM. They don't deserve anything they have.

  • Rich is (hopefully) the future.

    There are very few people who do not desire to have a level of material comfort. By taxing the rich, Biden is actually taxing the person you want to be. By putting a higher cost to the price of existence of the wealthy, Biden is penalising merit. I make no bones, Out of two people born with equal opportunies the one who does better deserves better. The natural corollary to this is that while a wealth tax is a bad idea, I believe an inheritance tax is the way to go. That way we are taxing people who are born with money rather than people who worked hard to earn it. The counter that many rich people got that way by corruption does not hold as that is a failing of the judicial system, Not a reason for additional taxes.

  • People making 40K a year are not "Rich" by any standard

    So a more accurate statement could be that he robs from both the rich and poor. . . But of course it will not as adversely impact the rich as it will the rest of us.

    Just putting it into perspective. . . The "rich" as you put it would be anyone making more than $19 an hour. That middle class America, Not the rich we are talking about. Kamala double downed on that figure for him and his campaign last night. . . So there should be no debate that that is their intent.

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