• The economic standards for living in a big city are cruel to the general citizen:

    New York City for instance, though it's any major city in the world, is not comprised entirely of business men and wealthy financiers but has millions of poor, under educated, and hopeless persons as citizenry. Inner city schools are atrocious. Corruption is so rampant that only certain parts of the city are deemed "worthy" of protection. Furthermore the surrounding areas and suburbs are all reflections of the larger establishment; if there is a culture center the area itself will be more cultured whether rural or urban but considering that this is true of the good and bad areas where monetary enslavement is de facto the way of the world allows for a spread of that problem where cost of living in even unrelated areas is ungodly high.

  • Please Please Please

    There is nothing wrong with the big city. If anything, there is just as much corruption in small town America. You just never see it. Anyone who has lived in a small town knows all the corruption and dirt that is there. Plus often the education level is a lot less. That is how you can have people in Georgia who freaking still talk about the Civil War in the present tense.

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Formerland1 says2014-07-15T15:07:57.433
The answer differs from nation to nation

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