Does "Bigfoot" (or a similar creature) exist?

Asked by: MysticEgg
  • Maybe it's wishful thinking...

    I think so, yes. Recently, a step was taken for the Yeti (actually it was about polar bears) existing and being a case of mis-classification. Bigfoot's evidence is often exaggerated (ooh footprints, big deal), but there is some compelling evidence for his existence. Now, a lot of this I got off documentaries, which aren't always reliable, but they cannot lie outright. (Although people's opinions can be warped {basically... Aliens}). We'll see, but I think so.

  • Smart enough to stay away from humans

    I believe sasquatch is a highly developed social creature and has a sense most animals do, to stay away from humans. They have most likely watched as we destroy, maim, and kill everything we discover, in the name of science and plain old greed. They most likely live in remote dense forest places where humans wouldnt want to live due to climate and terrain inhospitality. I know if bigfoot is ever physically proven it will be sad because it will be killed and dissected to find out how similar or different it is from humans.

  • Is Bigfoot real?

    Yes, Bigfoot is real. With all the sightings, and shows, and research teams it has proof of him being real. They may have not found him on camera, but with all the evidence with huge tracks,sounds. But there are alt of fakes out their so... But I believe he is out there and I will find him

  • Not, due to lack of evidence.

    There is no evidence supporting their existence, as evidence presented was either faked or misidentified (e.G. 'Bigfoot hair' really belonged to other large mammals and foot prints which turned out to be bear tracks). They have never been caught on tape clearly. Additionally no remains have been found. If they were real we would have found skeletal remains by now.

  • No real evidence

    I would love it if Bigfoot or Nessie was real. The reality is that all the so called proof is always amateur or shown to be fraudulent. Additionally, whenever real scientists have searched for these species they have always come back empty handed, with no evidence for existence. The only evidence they have sometimes is phenomena that could have been interpreted to the untrained eye as evidence for said creature. I wish it was true, as new species are always fun, but its not.

  • Most probably not.

    With all of the advanced surveillance footage in America and the diminishing amount of undeveloped land, the odds are Bigfoot would have been spotted by now. All evidence pointing toward its existence has proven false or fraudulent. Thus, there is a low probability of it existing. Same for other zoocryptological creatures.

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