• Reid Hoffman's advice seems useful

    Reid Hoffman is the co-founder of LinkedIn and could be offering up advice to people around the world. While some people find the idea of getting his advice a bit annoying, others are excited to hear from a man who has been very successful. In my opinion, it is a great idea to pick up some ideas and get some advice from someone who has done so well. Even if a person disagrees, the advice could trigger other ideas.

  • Advice from successful people is useful

    Advice from successful people is useful. This is because they have made something of themselves. Hoffman has a lot to offer the general public who are in need of a career boost or job search confidence. Instead of just making fun of wealthy people like Hoffman, out of jealousy, tuning in would help people a lot more.

  • Yes, Reid Hoffman has great carrer advice.

    Yes, Reid Hoffman has great career advice. As a co-founder of LinkedIn, he is able to see how the most common issues in young job seekers effect them, and thus he is able to take these issues and offer useful advice to defeat these issues. Following his advice will help many people overcome their challenges and be useful to society.

  • Yes, Reid Hoffman gives great career advise.

    Reid Hoffman, in my eyes, gives concise and insightful career advise. Unlike many of his peers, Mr. Hoffman gives advise that speaks to a wide variety of readers. Whether your a first year graduate student attempting to make sense of the vast sea of professional possibilities or an experienced business owner looking to expand and grow your company, both his channel and general posts will have something for you. This is just one of the many reasons he has gained the following he has.

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