Does Bioware have the best story-lines out of all other game makers?

Asked by: hduoawhduioawhu
  • Yes they do if you like si-fi

    Bioware have made many games with many great story lines KOTOR, KOTOR 2, Mass effect series and battlefront series and many more. If you like si-fi you will most likely like bio-ware games, and usually offer choice's that can effect the end game and how it turns out. . .

  • I'll have to say no

    Don't get me wrong, I love bioware games as much as anyone else but sadly it os not the best when it comes to storyline. An example of a good storyline is the TellTales games as they not only give a killer plot, but the story can change in the most heart-wrenching ways. My favorite along with most other gamer who played these games in the Walking Dead series.

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