Does bipartisanship create better political leaders?

  • Yes, generally bipartisanship leads to getting more done in government

    I believe that bipartisanship creates better political leaders because bipartisan officials stand a much better chance of getting things done, creating change and solving problems than party hard-liners who refuse to budge from their positions. Bipartisanship lends itself to more cooperation and good will, which usually results in more efficient politics and law making.

  • No

    It just means that someone is more on the fence about something. They still have beliefs and they need to relate those beliefs to America instead of trying to stay in the middle to get more votes for themselves. When they get to office they are going to have to make a decision so they might as well do that now.

  • Bipartisanship turns two parties into one.

    There is already little choice in the American political system, with the two major parties; all bipartisanship does is ensure there is no choice at all. While I don't like a deeply polarized political system, the main reason I don't like the level of polarization is that it's all over stupid things, without any real choice. A system with multiple parties and actual choice would be better for everyone.

  • Bipartisanship does not create better political leaders.

    What we get is two groups of politicians who support ever increasingly divergent groups of polarized individuals. Especially with only two parties, it's becoming increasingly difficult to adopt either party as a group that supports all of my ideals. I generally agree with Republican approaches to economics and foreign policy, bot loathe their social and religious stances. Where is the political party that voices my opinion in a two party system?

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