Does Black Entertainment Television (BET) adequately portray various subcultures present in African American life?

  • Yes, but only to a degree.

    There are plenty of people younger than me, both black and white, who have lifestyles and subcultures that I do not understand. So some of the ones represented on BET are true to life even though not true to my life. However, BET needs to take caution so it does not resort to so many stereotypes.

  • BET depicts the life its viewers want to see.

    BET does not adequately portray the life of minorities. However, it does adequately portray various subcultures that are present in African American life. There are people who drink Cristal all the time. It is not all black people, just some. That small little subculture does exist and it is adequately portrayed on BET. Does BET accurately portray this as a small portion or subculture? No. BET Depicts this as a life possible for all African Americans to obtain when the reality is much more negative. But who wants to watch a channel that shows the struggle of an African American in Chicago? White people. White people are not the target audience.

  • It should be all-inclusive.

    Yes, BET should adequately portray various subcultures present in African American life, because it would be a good chance to educate people about the various cultures of African Americans. Some people think that the African American culture is homogeneous. But that is far from the case. BET is passing up a cultural opportunity.

  • BET is awful.

    Black Entertainment Television is an embarrassment to every aspect of African American life. For some reason the TV channel that's supposed to be by, about, and for blacks still can't resist portraying us as cartoonish figures to one extreme or the other. Some of the music shows they have are alright, but everything else is awful.

  • BET does not portray African American Life adequately.

    BET presents a negative viewpoint on African American life, and does not show various subcultures of African Americans. The network generalizes African Americans into one category, and it is a negative portrayal. The majority of the programming is overtly sexual, and illustrates women in a negative light. Even the original co- founder of the network has stated that she would no longer watch the network.

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