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  • All channels do

    If you look at many of the other channels on television, for example E network, they all have a bunch of shows that feature people gossiping about different famous people that are hit stars today. So it is not just this channel, but all of them that have to much gossiping.

  • Not more than others

    Black entertainment television (BET) likely does have a lot of gossip on it, but, at the same time, its an entertainment channel, and so many, honestly, even most, of the entertainment channels on TV today also feature far too much gossip. No need to single out BET from the rest.

  • It's what the audience wants.

    Black Entertainment Television does not feature too much gossip. It's a standard entertainment channel, they've got 24 hours of programming to fill and commercials to sell. They're simply doing it in the most popular and cost effective way. If it was too much, the viewers would tell them so by not watching.

  • Black Entertainment Television

    I do not believe Black Entertainment Television (BET) features too much gossip. Unfortunately, gossip sells and this is proved through the continued presence of tabloid magazines. If BET features too much gossip that is a direct reflection of the people who watch the station on a regular basis. I doubt its over the top.

  • That is television.

    No, BET does not feature too much gossip, because that is what reality television is. Entertainment for white people is no better. There are shows aimed for a white audience that are even worse than the gossip on BET. BET chooses shows that they think people will want to watch. Their selections really are not that controversial.

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