• All Race Power Promotes Separation

    Without a doubt, Black Power, White Power, and every other race Power espouses racial separation. By placing one race over another, these people are saying they want to be separated from the other groups because they are supposedly better in some way. These race "powers" are completely idiotic and solve nothing.

  • Yes, but for good reasons.

    I see Black Power as encouraging racial separation and not encouraging reconciliation. But I also believe that this is for a good reason. When there has been enough discrimination endured and enough oppression suffered, then it is a wise response to want one's own nation in order to be expressive as well as safe.

  • Just As White Power Did

    I believe that Black Power does support racial separation, just as white power did. Any time a group seeks to maximize a group based on their ethnicity it will support racial separation or make other groups feel left out. Racism can come from any ethnicity and it should be obvious that making groups with certain ethnicity's and trying to instill power in themselves exclusively is clearly a racial act.

  • They discriminate against whites.

    Yes, black power espouses racial separation, and goes beyond that, to ask whites to suffer. Black power is no different than white supremacy, in that they want to hurt other people for reasons that they have done nothing wrong other than having been born the wrong race. They do not care if they are displaced from their homes or even physically injured. Black power is separatist and wrong.

  • Black Power does not espouse racial separation.

    Black Power does not espouse racial separation. They want to fight against racism and racial separation. They are about uniting and creating a safe environment to raise a family and teach that racism is wrong. In this day and age, we should not be judged by the color of our skin.

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