• Vocal black leaders and also a large minority of black Americans have a great deal of impact on politics

    Black power has a great deal of impact on U.S. politics today because black Americans constitute a large, vocal minority in the United States. For example, leaders like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton create a tone of racialism that often only benefits specific people in the black community. Their targets are often white. When these leaders get the masses behind them, black power is especially noticeable.

  • Yes it does.

    Yes, I think that black power has an impact in the US politics today. I think we know and understand that all people are equal and as long as we agree with their beliefs we do not mind what race, religion, and sex they are but care about how they present themselves.

  • Racism stays with us

    Yes, there is still an impact from Black Power on the U.S. politics, but not in favor of the black people. There is still racism aimed at blacks, and I think there always will be, even though our culture is slowly becoming more accepting of different races here in America.

  • I Don't Feel It Does

    As an American citizen I do not believe that Black Power has an impact on politics within the United States today. I believe we have moved past the United States civil rights era and entered an era where black people have just as much opportunity as other races. We have a black president, we have African Americans making contributions in pretty much every industry. I believe African Americans impact politics, obviously, but not Black Power.

  • More Blacks in Congress

    Black Power doesn't nearly have the same influence today as it did in the 1960s. More and more blacks are in Congress, state legislatures and as CEOs of large companies than ever before. Instead of "Black Power" we now have a natural progression that more African Americans influence all aspects of society simply because they are more involved and more mainstream.

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