Does Blackberry's recent small turnaround have the ability to keep the company headed in the right direction?

  • Yes, Blackberry seems to have a loyal fan base that are committed to Blackberry products.

    Blackberry has had a time in setting itself apart in competing markets with the Android and Iphones, but they've also established a very loyal fan base that is seeing their challenges through. Some polls even suggest that consumers still believe that Blackberry is the best, even while staggering sales and changing technology would suggest otherwise. Blackberry still has a solid foundation to compete and while loyal consumers continue holding on, this loyalty will only make Blackberry stronger.

  • Still A Player

    Blackberry is still a player in the technology game, and as long as the US government is still on board, they still have a chance to succeed. Any turnaround or profit showing will give the Americans, and other government entities, some confidence that Blackberry will continue to be around which should help the survive and perhaps prosper.

  • No, I don't think it will.

    Their technology is too outdated to ever make a large enough comeback. No one wants to pour the money into that cpmpany to make it worth anything of value because it would be too big of a risk. There is already a ton of competition in the technology market and their time is done.

  • No, Blackberry has lost so much popularity in recent years that it can only be saved by a huge turnaround.

    Most young people today are practically unfamiliar with the Blackberry brand. It has been so overtaken by iPhone and Android in the marketplace that many popular apps aren't even released for Blackberry devices. It seems like just a few short years ago that Barack Obama was so addicted to his Blackberry that news reporters jokingly called the devices "Crackberries," but it is now rare to see any celebrities holding anything other than the newest model iPhone.

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