Does blasphemy have a place on the statute books?

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  • Absolutely Not

    The very foundation of the United States of America is based on the separation of church and state. Under no circumstances should blasphemy ever have a place amongst legitimate laws that are in place for the goodness and protection of others. Blasphemy harms no one except ego perhaps, and there is absolutely no reason why it should be considered to be added on the statute books.

  • No, blasphemy does not have a place on the statute books.

    Freedom of speech is something given to us in our constitution. That being said, why should religion be something we are not allowed to speak out for or against. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. That is the beauty of living where we do. We are all given freedoms to be who we are, live how we choose,and have a difference of opinion. I don't have to agree with your views, nor you mine, but I do have to respect your right to have them. Religion puts enough pressure on some people that it dictates a great deal of how they conduct their day to day lives. If we start putting blasphemy on the books and people no longer have a right to personal views, free speech or opinions such as those expressed here today, we may as well go back to the days of the cave man, let laws run rampant, and throw people in jail for being different. People come here to get away from religious persecution, let's not take a step backwards.

  • No, Blasphemy Does Not Have a Place on Statute Books

    Blasphemy does not have any place in legal statutes because there is no law, or should be no law, that upholds the tenets of any one religion. We left our mother country because we wanted freedom from religious persecution; therefore, there should be no religion in which people should have to be legally bound against "blaspheming" against.

  • No - It's Still Free Speech

    No, blasphemy does not have a place on the statute books. Even though many will be outraged, blasphemy still falls under the protection of free speech – after all, everyone is entitled to it. Although people should have enough respect and control not to insult God, there will always be people who are crude and ill-bred.

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