• No, boarding school does not hurt children.

    Boarding school is not without some drawbacks, including the separation of a student from family. Boarding school is not harmful to children, however. Boarding school typically provides a child an excellent educational opportunity. A child in boarding school is able to exercise growing independence and responsibilities that are not necessarily available when attending school from home. In addition, a child in boarding school typically is exposed to a range of students with a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

  • Yes, boarding school can hurt young children

    When children are sent away to boarding school at too early an age, it makes them feel unloved by their parents, and I am not sure that is not the case. We hear of children of the rich being sent off to boarding school as early as age 8, and I cannot believe that being ripped from your parents at that age causes no psychological damage to a child. Children need to feel like their parents care for them and want them. Sending them off to boarding school is a rejection they may never overcome.

  • Boarding school hurts children by keeping them away from their parents.

    Boarding school hurts children by keeping them away from their parents; it is important for children to have a mother and father figure growing up to understand that family will always be there for them and will love them unconditionally. Boarding school teaches the opposite; it teaches that family is distant and uncaring.

  • Boarding school benefits many children.

    Many children actually enjoy boarding school, and it can be a good environment for them. For children of busy parents who frequently work, it is preferable to spending considerable time alone or in the care of a babysitter at home. It provides an environment that emphasizes studies. It also simulates a family environment in that students live together in dorms. They form very close bonds with their school friends that often last long beyond their boarding school years. It also better prepares students for dorm life in college by giving them the opportunity to become accustomed to living away from their parents early.

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