Does Bob Marley deserve a day dedicated to him in the city of Toronto?

  • Yes, but not just there.

    Bob Marley probably deserves a day dedicated to him in any city where he spent any time. That is because he fought for the oppressed in his music and was not afraid to speak out. However, making it official is probably not the best way to go because others also contributed to this work.

  • Bob Marley does deserve a day dedicated to him in the city of Toronto.

    Bob Marley does deserve a day dedicated to him in the city of Toronto.Marley was all about the concepts of happiness and freedom.Canada has always been known for wanting its cotizens to be happy so it is natural for them to honor Bob Marley,a man who wanted to make people happy

  • Dedication Days Are Pointless

    I do not see a reason to dedicate a day to Bob Marley in Toronto. This seems like a waste of time and money because it would have to be decided upon by either an entity or the voters, so it would cost money to enact something like this. Secondly, what's the point, how is a dedication day going to benefit anyone in any real sense.

  • No, too many musicians deserve this honor to choose among them

    Bob Marley was a great musician, who poetically expressed
    the culture of Jamaica. He made a lot of people dance, too. Yet if we start dedicating
    days to groundbreaking musicians, where will it end? Leonard Cohen Carnival? Joni
    Mitchell Month? Neil Young Year? Let the musicians have the weekends, and the
    concerts that run late into the night and leave everyone drained and
    happy. Bob Marley does not need a special day.

  • No, he did not do anything worthy of it.

    No, Bob Marley does not deserve a day dedicated to him in the city of Toronto, because he has not done anything particularly worthy of an entire day dedicated to him. Most people like Bob Marley, but some people do not. Days of dedication should be reserved for particularly heroic acts of human service, or notable political accomplishments. Marley has not done any of this.

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