• Bottled water is doing more harm than good

    Plastic used in bottled water is not only bad for the Earth, but also bad for our bodies. Bottled water companies are using BPA free plastic, which is less toxic than other plastics. However, when plastics are heated, they are not free from other chemicals that melt into the water. Some chemicals even cause endocrine disorder, which requires more accurate scientific evidence.Plastic water bottles are made from compounds known as polythene terephthalate (PET). What exactly is it? This is a polymer, a chemical mixture that can contaminate water according to various studies. Therefore, drinking water contained in these kinds of plastic containers can cause water contamination by the compound. Let's find out what kind of PET compounds can move to the water you drink :

    Phthalates This compound makes plastic more flexible. This substance is harmful only when consumed in large amounts, for example, can cause problems in the endocrine system. However, keep in mind that these ingredients are in every plastic water bottle you use.
    Antimony A catalyst essential to PET. Is it bad for your health? Of course it is. It can cause cancer and respiratory diseases. However, the health equipment has limited the amount of plastic water bottles it can contain, which is very small. What's reassuring is that the WHO maintains strict control over these standards.
    Formaldehyde and acetdehyde. These compounds sometimes taste " plastic " in bottled water. Experts say this happens only when water bottles are exposed to sunlight, and you should be especially careful because the compound flows into the water. The commonly used PET water bottles are high levels of formaldehyde and acetdehyde.
    Let's recap this section. Is PET bad for your health? There is no direct correlation. Health organizations strictly control whether regulations are generally enforced, and it is very unlikely that these harmful compounds will enter the water.

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  • Bottles are bad

    Plastic emits tons of CO2 which pollutes the atlasphere a lot and plus water in the fridge tastes way more better just put water in a natural made bottle like a clay one and then put it in the fridge and or freezer and the BAM! Tasty water that doesn't pollute.

  • Yes, It's a Wasteful Way to Hydrate

    Bottled water adds to the heaps of garbage people produce every
    day. Most bottles are discarded as soon as they are drained, but even if people
    reuse them a few times, they eventually crack and become discards. Bottles also
    cause pollution when they are delivered to stores and vending machines in gasoline
    burning trucks. Plumbing is a more efficient way to deliver hydration. The
    stuff in the fancy bottles is often just tap water anyway, so it makes sense to
    use a refillable container, and avoid polluting.

  • Duh

    A bottle when not recycled will sit in a land fill for something like 1200 years. Is it really that convenient to have a bottle that you can use once and carry one time when you can just buy a bottle that you can reuse for years at a store? Its killing the planet faster than we know.

  • Yes it is very harmful

    Bottled water causes more pollution than any other creation in this century. Those plastic bottles take centuries to decompose not to mention the amount of resources it takes to produce and deliver the heavy bottles to stores. I don't see how bottled water does any good people survived for centuries without it and we need to go back to that quickly.

  • YES

    Bottled water is the biggest scam running, and it only hurts people that don't have the good sense to go out and get some kind of filter if they can't stand the taste of their tap water.

    It also creates a ridiculous amount of plastic waste that is completely and utterly unnecessary.

  • Bottled does more harm than good. The plastic bottles create a litter and environmental problem.

    Bottled water does more harm than good. Most bottled water is simply purified water, and no better that water from a major city's purification system (like Chicago's). The increase in litter and the impact to the environment from the discarded plastic bottles is shameful. Almost anywhere you go, you will see discarded water bottles. It is better to use a home water filter and your own refillable container. Plus, you will save money.

  • Bottled water is more good than harmful

    Bottled water is not harmful because if it was people would not be alive or they will not be hydrated everyday. It also helps with everyday things such as basketball, football, track and more but thats all i had to say for now until next time peace deuces bye see you later

  • Bottled water is more good than harmful

    Bottled water does more good than harm because it keeps you hydrated and without it we would all die. It also helps keep up stamina for when people have to do something very important such as basketball or football or track in other words bottled water helps people in everyday life.L

  • No they are not

    Bottle water does not adds to the heaps of the garbage people produce every day.Most bottle are not discarded as soon as they are not drained too,but even some people do not reuse them a few times, eventually crack and not become discards.Botlles do not cause pollution when they are at the garbage or anywhere.

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