• He is trying to save democracy.

    If all that they're doing is innocent, why haven't they bothered to tell us? No, he's been trying to save democracy. And that's why he's been prosecuted by an undemocratic establishment. Remember the Pentagon Papers? There, no one was found guilty, because the public could see and judge. Now the media is all in the pocket of an oligarchy, so we don't find out about the truth, or hear about the opinion of the 'other.

  • Manning saved lives

    Manning did what was right., reported crime and wrong doing. The justice here should be obvious, otherwise I could rape someone and when they told the police they get sent to jail for "whistle blowing". He rightly presented the unacceptable war crimes committed. The scale of further war crimes and innocent deaths had Manning not acted on his observations is disgraceful to think of. I'm also sure that given the way that the "justice" has been carried out that Manning couldn't have gotten righteousness by doing things any differently. So he did what he had to to save lives, else be a criminal because not reporting a crime is criminal. Do they still read and write in America or do they just draw pictures? You have to have a very large hole in your brain to not understand pictures. Maybe sugar and corn syrup causes holes in the brain, shame, I liked sugar in my tea.

  • I don't think so.

    I don't believe that Chelsea Manning (as they now want to be known) should win the Nobel Peace Prize. Some would say that she is a traitor. Manning was acquitted of aiding the enemy, but she could have put the safety of our country in jeopardy with the leaking of the documents.

  • Traitor to his Country

    If anything, former Private Bradley Manning should be executed for treason against his country. He knew what he was doing when he downloaded and accessed classified files as an Army intelligence grunt. Unfortunately, the promise of greed got to him. Giving away secrets for money got people executed in the 1950s and 1960s during the Cold War. Now, there is some leeway given to traitors instead of setting examples. If Manning got the Nobel Peace Prize, there would be copycats lining up to do what he did all over again and he would be a hero instead of a traitor.

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