• Brazil Definately Has What It Takes to win the World Cup 2014

    I couldn't really call myself a big soccer fan and even I know that Brazil Has What It Takes to win the World Cup 2014. Their top players Neymar of coarse along with Hulk and Ramirez have been eliminating the competition as if they were no match for them. Spain, who were the past champions were quickly eliminated this year so no one can say for sure what is to come, although things couldn't possibly be looking better for Brazil.

  • The home crowd.

    Yes, Brazil has what it takes to win the World Cup, because the backing of the home crowd can always take a team that is marginal and make them more successful. Also, Brazil might not have the most individual superstars, but they are great at playing as a team, and that could carry them through.

  • Brazil has what it takes

    I think Brazil is definitely a top contender for the World Cup and has a great chance of taking it all. I think when their stars are on their game they are a very hard team to beat. I think they will only get stronger as more games go on and might take it all.

  • Brazil team has a really good chance

    The brazilian squad is composed by a number of the best players in the world (such as Neymar, Hulk, David Luis and Thiago Silva).
    Also, having won five times the world cup and by so being the top winner of this particular competition is an important advantage for this nation team.
    Besides all of it, playing as a home team is an important point, for that brings support to the brazilian players (from being close to their family members and their own nationals) and the perk of playing in a weather they're more used to than the other nations players.
    That said, Brazil has a really good chance to be champion again this year, which does not necessarily means that victory is a given in this situation.

  • They do not

    I do not believe they have what it takes because they have not played strongly throughout the tournament. Although they are a good team, I do not believe that have what it takes to defeat a team such as France or Argentina. They are a good team, but they are not a great team.

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