Does California's Prop 60, requiring the use of condoms in pornography imply that pornography is acceptable?

  • Yes, unfortunatelly but, nobody should have to risk their health in order to keep their job!

    A YES vote for Prop 60 is a vote to protect California adult film workers from disease, Porn producers refuse to provide a safe workplace for their performers. As a result, thousands of workers have been exposed to serious and life-threatening diseases. It is time to hold the pornographers accountable for worker safety and health in California's adult film industry.

  • Yes, that is what it implies,.

    California's Pop 60 requires the use of condoms in pornography. This actually implies that pornography is acceptable in California. They actually had no choice since people practice it even in the private areas. They actually did this to sort the issue of unwanted pregnancy, curb abortion and also the sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Yes it does.

    Yes, it does imply that pornography is accepable. Pornography, despite the fact that a small portion of people don't like it, is legal. Many of the people who don't like pornography read romance novels, which are often erotic in nature. Porn is accepted by most people and the internet would not exist without it.

  • Advocating Safe Sex

    Requiring condoms to be used to promote safe sex is not necessarily stating pornography is acceptable. It is simply advocating for safe sex so people don't think real life sex should just be all unprotected. If they're going to do it anyway, at least make it responsible and set a good example.

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