Does California's Proposition 8 unfairly discriminate against gay people?

  • Proposition 8 treats some Americans as lower class.

    Proposition 8 goes against the justice and equality that everyone deserves. Those who are attempting to uphold this very negative proposition may claim that lesbian and gay individuals don't deserve equal citizenship. I think that we need to get rid of the term "traditional" marriages. Families look very different across the country and everyone deserves to stay with the person they love and the family they have fought for.

  • I say yes, singles out a group for discrimination.

    I think that it is indeed true that this California law by the name of Proposition 8 is something that discriminates against a certain group of people. In this case the group of people are homosexuals. They are banned for marrying, which is something that I do not think is right.

  • The law is unfair and unjust.

    Simply put, the Prop 8 law is just another way to keep gays and lesbians from getting married. Here's what I think personally from a straight man standpoint, I believe gays have the right to marry, no matter who it is, just like I have the right to marry and be with anyone outside my ethnicity.

  • Yes it absolutely does, it's an awful, brutal law.

    California's Prop 8 is just another way to keep homosexuals and lesbians from living a happy life. I think it is absolutely a way to keep them down and is an awful, brutal law. It really disgusts me that this law was even passed. Get with the times, people, seriously!

  • Yes on 8

    No, it is their choice to be gay, so they need to accept the decisions of the majority. The laws are designed to protect marriage, not discriminate, as if they want to get married then choose someone of the opposite gender. Don't force your decisions on the populous, you believe that by someone rejecting another's choices they are discriminating against them. You cannot please everyone and democracy means that the majority's choice should be upheld. No gay marriage and it is not discriminatory, as getting married is a choice.

  • Prop 8 is about protecting marriage not discriminating

    California's Prop 8 in my opinion was not written to discriminate against gay people. It was written to protect the institution of marriage that is between a man and a woman. I don't believe that we should change it at this point in time. I have several gay friends who have no problem whatsoever with being in a partnership with their life partner.

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