Does Call of Duty overshadow other games that deserve equal or more attention?

Asked by: chibiterasu
  • COD is far overrated

    For example, one of the earliest announced games for the PlayStation Vita was Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified, and because of this, CoD fans were hyped. But when it came out, people didn't like it and as a result, the game wasn't being bought. Few people still play Declassified but the end result is that the Vita hasn't sold as Sony hoped. Games like Tales of Innocence R, Tales of Hearts R, PXZ Vita, and so on are being held back in Japan because of the Vita's low sales. CoD is incredibly stale in my opinion, and it's about time it just came to a halt so other games can get some long-deserved recognition.

  • Tbh, i don't see much CoD lately

    You see, it's very mainstream and todays trend is also to not be mainstream... Which is also mainstream, before i will tie myself, i think that CoD is dying slowly but surely, lately i've been finding lots of great stuff, like Ori and the blind forest. I think people are getting attention at other games too.

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