Does campaign finance in the U.S. need to be fixed?

  • We Need Campaign finance Reform

    In the world of campaign finance, corporations are people. The wealth have the opportunity to disproportionately affect the race by feeding money to their preferred candidate. We need reforms that prevent such actions. Firstly, the ruling in 2010 that allows big business to act as an individual needs to be over turned.

  • Yes, campaign finance in it's current state does democracy a disservice.

    I could never imagine entering politics on a national level, not because I don't believe that I am capable of making extremely important decisions or because I would not be a good leader, but because I can't imagine where I would get that kind of money. I do not feel that it would be fair to promise to represent the people that elected me fairly when I owed such a great debt to the few people that paid hundred of millions for the campaign that it would require.

  • We need to fix campaign finance

    The way campaigns are financed in the U.S. needs to change. Although funding the campaigns is important, there should be caps on the funding of large corporations and multimillionaires. The people who pull strings are those who fund large chunks of the campaigns -- the voice of the true American people, those working for such corporations and millionaires down the line, is more oppressed by such funding and political agendas. This needs to change.

  • To change campaign finance would challenge the greater US

    No, I do not believe that campaign finance in the U.S. need be fixed. To change the way campaigns are financed -- whether it be through millionaires or the working class -- would be to challenge the capitalist system that makes America work. It would also challenge the heart of our culture and the American dream. Although we may not agree with how campaigns are funded (particularly by whom they are funded), to change it would begin a much larger change that would potentially change campaigns and politics even more -- but for the worst.

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