• I'm a undercover spy

    I do not believe Canada is real but I'm am going undercover to see how these parasites think. I don't think I will come back alive. Good bye. . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Canada is real!

    I AM LITERALLY GOING TO SCHOOL IN CANADA RIGHT NOW . Just think about it. Where on earth would team Canada come from in the Olympics. Where on earth would all the Canadian hockey teams come from. You guys are idiots. CANADA IS REAL! Just think, why else would there be an argument. You can't just invent and make up a country.

  • Lol, What a stupid question

    I live in Canada, there are Canadian teams, Canadian news channels, and Canadian history. Really? You know Justin Bieber and Drake? They both come from Canada. You remember the War of 1812? Canada (British Empire) fought in that battle. Seriously, under what circumstances so people think Canada doesn't exist? .

  • I live in canada

    If canada din't exist then where does team canada come from during the olympics. Where do all the canadian teams come from in the NHL. You are all just trolling or you are the dumbest people I have ever met. Canada is a very real country with vast farms and canola fields. We are a very polite people and I am very proud to call myself a canadian. (But I am sad the maple leafs are a canada but at least we have carey price)

  • It dfentilty eixsts

    I v e s e e n ' t i t i k o n w. I m m a v s i i t m e g r e n d p a d e r e. I e a t s t h e m a p l e l e a f

  • Canada does exist.

    Canada does exist. They are a very real country, with a government that has divisions and a head, just like the government in the United States does. They have a legislative body and they are divided up in to smaller sections that have their own governments as well. They have people and those people pay taxes to their country.

  • Yes, Canada does exist.

    Yes, Canada does exist. I think. I went there once, but it's been quite a while. It was just north of the USA last time I was there, and I'm pretty sure it hasn't moved. We might want to send someone to check though, come to think of it. I haven't heard anything out of them in quite a while. Now you've got me all worried.....

  • Fuck you all.

    Why the hell would you think Canada doesn't exist? I bet you all are trolls on the internet, who have nothing better to do than sit on your fat asses all day and shit out worthless posts that you call factual information. So, go right ahead and turn the internet to shit, just go do it on websites like 4chan or Tumblr to feel better about your sorry lives.

  • As an American, I say yes

    As a native Washingtonian, I say that Canada, in fact, does exist. Where do you think the CBC comes from? Where is British Columbia? Why do you think Toronto is an actual city? Where do you think a country exists with MOMENTUM? Where do you think half of the Peace Arch is? What's the country that has the longest border with a country (the U.S.) in the WORLD!? That's right. CANADA. CAN-A-DA. Case closed. So stop asking, Americans that don't know what other countries are. Shake my head...

  • Yes it does

    Where would the hockey hall of fame be. Where would Drake be from, also justin Bieber. Canada is obviously in the olympics and the World cup of soccer. If Canada didn't exist, then where would all the people that are in those come from. I have been to Canada multiple times for hockey tournaments.

  • Canada is a sick joke.

    The 'Canadian' myth is fed to us by the deranged inhabitants of the arctic circle. The continued insistence by those people that their loose alliance of despotic nomads constitutes a nation state is an insult to all the veterans of wars where the fought for freedom and democracy. In essence they are besmirching the good names of our fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers and even hitler, who, being Australian, came from a country that can claim to be at least half real.

  • How can a country with waterproof, maple syrup scented money exist?

    It doesn't! Canada was made up by Bush, to distract from the slowly falling economy (until Obama) everyone who travels to Canada will be caught along the road way and put into a dream state. The only thing that can break through the dream state is the sound "Eh" which is the sound of more dream gas being release. As a form agent of the C.A.N.A.D.A. Project i can confirm all this true. The Moose doesn't exist either, and "Canadian bacon" is just the ham we feed the prisoners until release.

  • Why should i believe it exists

    There is simply no proof ! ! ! ! ! L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L


    The internet told me so. For office. Surprisingly they won just as Canada ran out of fuel. This sparked massive purges in the population to preserve whatever fuel the nation had left. First to go was New-found-Land. Poor bastards never saw it coming. Then was New-Brunswick, three atomic bombs were dropped, killing millions instantly. Soon all that was left was the Island Nation of Nova Scotia, home to Savages and Cannibals, and The Soviet Union Of Quebec. It's been a hard 11 years after the Fall. Even now the Nazi Party of Alberta still hordes the fuel, despondently trying to preserve the old Canadian way of life. Killing all who oppose them, as for me? I'm joining the Canadian liberation front.
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  • Totally a fantasy

    We have all heard of the fairy tale about a far away land called, "Canada." It is said that many mysterious creatures live there but in all my research I have come to see that this place is in fact a myth. We have all been fooled into believing the cotton tailed lies of this "Canada" and everyone who claims they are "Canadian" are full of shit.

  • No way Jose

    There is no way that Canada exists. As a Russian spy, my job is to know these things. I have traveled far and wide to find this mythical land (not atlantis), but instead found a strange land known as South Mexico. It looked a lot more like the sand Kingdom from Mario Odyssey then an actual, real life place. I am telling you, as a Russian, Vodka drinking Russian spy, Canada does not exist and never will!

  • Olympic Athletes for Canada

    These Olympic athletes from Canada are all people from Norway and Germany who claim they are their own country, do i need to say anything else, that is why they all do so well in the Olympic games. More evidence is that they all may look American, but that is what the Olympic game correspondence WANT you to think!

  • Of course it doesnt exist

    Canada is a myth perpetuated by the Norwegian government since 1957! It is in reality, a hologram projected from the hologram moon to cover up a hole in the ground that leads to the center of the hollow earth where the lizard people live and control the world! It is impossible for canada to exist

  • It is Fake

    I, a Russian spy, have heard theories of this Canada, but as the head director in the Putin administration, I know the absolute truth, which is that Canada does not, and will never exist. What you think Canada is is actually a projection by NASA to scare off all the rare pepes in the area

  • Canada does not exist

    The only thing north of America is more America. Canada is a myth created by the Chinese government to make libtards more powerful in our great United States. The fact that OBUMMER claimed to have visited "Canada" proves that the globalists are brainwashing our American children with the fake country of "Canada"

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