Does capital punishment violate a criminal's constitutional rights?

Asked by: allenkang.12
  • Absolutely they do.

    As an American, a criminal has the right to kill as many Americans as possible. Do those Americans have rights? Well I guess. Wait a minute, they are dead now. The only "American" left is the criminal, so we must ensure they are free to live as they please. Anything else, is intolerant of that criminal.

  • Cruel and unusual punishment.

    To kill someone just because they took a life is hypocritical and sends the message that taking one's life, the worst of all crimes. Everybody is protected under the constitution if they are in US government custody or on US land. Life in prison is better then taking a life.

  • No, capital punishment does not violate a criminal's rights.

    A convicted criminal loses his/her right upon a guilty finding. Therefore, there is nothing to violate. A person who steals or murders, should have no rights. They took the rights of another person, their victim. It is only right they lose theirs. They violated the law, they broke the law, they are tried and if found guilty, they no longer have civil rights.

  • No It Doesn't

    I do not think that capital punishment violates a criminal's constitutional rights. I do not believe in capital punishment, but when you decide to commit a crime and get caught, you have given up some of your rights. You cannot commit a crime then turn around and claim you are being treated unfairly.

  • No, a Criminal Gives up His Rights.

    Upon entering incarceration, a criminal no longer has any rights. Therefore, any right listed in the constitution is not granted to him. Could you imagine a criminal trying to take advantage of the second amendment, which allows access to guns, while incarcerated? While protection from cruel and unusual punishment is listed in the constitution, I do not believe capital punishment violates a criminal's constitutional rights.

  • No, it does not violate a criminal's rights because criminals have no rights.

    Capital punishment does not violate a criminal's constitutional rights. Once someone becomes a convicted criminal, they lose their freedom and their rights. Because they are a convicted criminal, they are supposed to be punished - crime and punishment - so no punishment violates their rights if they have been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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