• Yes, Carly will!

    Carly is an intelligent woman and a fighter. She can go head to head with Hillary - easily! The American people are ready for a female president. Given the option, they will choose the woman who is more authentic. She may have a tough shell, as does Hillary, but even with this -- she does not have a condescending nature. The people of Iowa will see this and take a bet on their "gut". Then the ball will roll for her..

  • She is moving up, and others are coming down in the polls

    I support her, she is a strong conservative candidate. Carly debates well, is organized and has a clear platform. Trump is losing his luster, and will continue to do so as people realize he has no clear platform. Those votes go to the field. I think Carly can beat the others if give the chance. To go toe to toe on important issues.

  • Crowded Republican field may produce long shot Fiorina victory

    It may be time for a Republican to win the presidency after two terms of Democrat President Obama. Of course to win the presidency a Republican will have to win the primary and I believe the large number of candidates in the Republican primary works to the advantage of a lesser known candidate such as Carly Fiorina. She appeals to the conservative base, business sector, and women.

  • No, she lacks the leadership abilities and experience to win presidency.

    She doesn't have a shot at presidency because of her time as CEO of Hewlett-Packard. Most people haven't forgotten how badly she lead the company. The fact that she poorly lead the major technology company shows that she doesn't have the ability to lead an entire country. She also has very little experience in politics compared to a lot of other politicians.

  • Not Enough Experience

    I personally have never heard of Carly Fiorina. I have researched her and I feel that she doesn't have enough experience. So many times, people decide that they want to run for some political office due their business acumen. How you run a company (from what have read, she's not that great at that) does not mean that you can run a country.

  • Carly Fiorina has No Shot at Presidency

    Carly Fiorina, who has recently announced that she is running as another woman for president against Hillary Clinton, has no shot at winning in the upcoming election. Fiorina has contradicted herself in past statements, and does not have as big of a chance at receiving the Republican primary vote as her opponents do.

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