Does Catholicism promote things like sexism and racism? Explain why.

  • I would say it's sexist

    It's a patriarchal belief system. They believe that a woman was made from a man's rib, and because of that, women were created to be submissive to men.

    Women aren't allowed any higher positions, because they cannot have authority over any man. I mean, even some of the stories, women were name-less, and just referred to as "wife" or "wife of (man's name)." This isn't protecting women's rights. It's more like vanquishing them. And women cannot teach, and must be silent.

  • ALL Christians, Jews and Muslims are called specifically in their Holy Books to be sexist by modern understanding. Racism is a newer construct.

    I have already provided the relevant passages in another response. There are so many references to the sexist treatment of women in the Bible you can only doubt this sexism by ignoring the parts of your holy book you don't like. This should be the definition of all liberal religion.

  • One word... History

    Hey, anyone remember that time that all of Spain was Muslim? And then the King was all like "Hey wait a minute, that isn't Jesus" So then he said "Hey, everyone be Catholic." But then all the citizens said "What's he gonna do? Kill us?" And then the King sent around all those guys in red to say "Hey are you Catholic? You Sure? No? Have fun wherever sinners go."

    Ha ha ha... Christianity, kicking the shit out of anyone that isn't them since 0.

  • You have done no more than to practise over generalise.

    You have done no more than to practise your own ability to over generalise and have gone out on a tangent of the origins of Catholics that choose to become christens.
    So I have chosen yes reluctantly for the sake of the children. But my answer is NO.

    The tongue is as a double-edged sword it cuts both ways. Practising; Empathy, Humility, Sympathy and Cooperation throughout life, create's an understanding of the surroundings that we are subjected to, doing this teaches us to talk to each other, so we can speak with each other and not at each other.

    Peace be with you. As to fall back upon one's own sword.

  • It kind of depends.

    It depends on the beliefs of the people practicing it. If bad sexist, racist people are practicing it, then yes. If good, kind loving people are practicing it, then no. Catholicism is based off of the beliefs of the people in it. Those beliefs are based off the Bible. The Bible does not promote sexism, nor racism. (in my opinion) Therefore, if Catholicism is practiced correctly, no.

  • Just look at the catechism and other doctrines.

    I don't know if people forget that we have more teaching materials than just the bible, or if they ignore it, but Catholicism does NOT support such things. For example, homosexuality. Catholics have nothing against those who are homosexual. It denounces the act of homosexual interactions, while calling its followers to treat people who are homosexual with respect, love, and care, as is due to any human being. And as for women, the church is fully behind their rights as human beings. The reason they don't accept women into the clergy is because of tradition: the apostles (the first bishops in a sense) were all male, and Jesus, whom priests represent during the mass, was male. I could go on, but since this is my question, I would prefer to see some other answers (also I'm just getting bored). Good luck, and answer well guys and gals!

  • I believe Catholicism does not promote discriminatory actions like racism and sexism.

    Just a little on myself I am technically a christian I do not go to church not identify with any sect of Christianity. Now the basic reason I believe in the Modern era is because in a nutshell the church will send aid anywhere in the world for example Rwanda, Bosnia, And Syria. Also the reason why woman are not priests is because its tradition just like you want see a female Imam. Almost all christian woman understand that they are not being left out and discriminated just cause they are female. They understand and accept it because that is their faith and don't need other people to be mad for them. Also if they don't like it you can leave the faith there is no punishment for leaving. The last reason is names one conflict between Christians and another faith of which the conflict was over religion. You can't because they have all been over ethnicity, Economic, Political, And or societal reasons. For example Bosnia which was more of a ethnic struggle between the majority Bosniaks and the minority Serbians with some skirmishes with the Croatians.

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