• They Are Public Figures

    Being popular, they often have society's sympathy. For example, tons of girls love Justin Beiber, so if he stays in jail the world's gonna curse the justice system. The society around the judiciary influences their decision, as the final verdict can have a huge impact on the world and the jury needs to consider this as well.

  • They Can Afford Lawyers

    Celebrities get away with more than one might expect. If you forget about star clout for a moment, they simply have more money then the rest of us. They can afford expensive legal teams to get them off on technicalities and more. Need proof? Just look at O.J. Simpson's criminal trial.

  • Isis is the crisis

    I think that isis is the problem all this stuff about celebrities is bojus soooooo it is stupid to not take action on the isis subject. Like come the F*** on people JEEEEZZZZ like God "ISIs IS THE CRISIS, ISIS IS THE CRISIS " please help spread the word, thank you.

  • Depends on the situation

    Celebrities probably do commit more crimes than non-celebrities, but the crimes they do commit seem to be worse or more egregious due to the higher visibility of the crimes they commit and way they are discussed. Sometimes, celebrities get away with more, yet other times, examples are made of them.

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